It seems to be a long time ago already, but we have had a beautiful World Championship to look back to! Besides the great achievements of our Dutch and Belgian teams we also have very good ‘home players’!

Over 330 football predictors have been able to measure their knowledge and insight with others in the WoonTotaal  World Championship Pool 2014. For quite some ‘WK poolers’ this has not been without result: several footballs, shirts and WoonTotaal Retail subscriptions have been won.

Of course, some were even more precise than others. All four first prize winners have received their prizes in the meantime. With personal congratulations of Jaap Keus, account manager of  WoonTotaal.

WoonTotaal wishes all winners a lot of fun with their prize and thanks everybody for the enthusiastic participation.

We hope to ‘see’ you back at the European Championship Pool in 2016 (and before of course…).