Sieval Deco

Your catalogue in the Sieval Deco version of your workshop

 Are you a supplier of fabrics and you do not have your own Sieval Deco program yet? You can add your range to the Sieval Deco version of your workshop(s).

If desired, we offer you the opportunity to place your range in the Sieval Deco version of your workshop. This has the following advantages:

  • You immediately enlarge your market of retailers;
  • The retailers can easily consult your current range and place orders;
  • For an order to the workshop you immediately and automatically receive the complete sewing order, inclusive of cutting measures as a PDF;
  • Mistake reduction;
  • Time saving.

Summarized: integrating your catalogue in Sieval Deco provides a lot of efficiency for you, the workshop and the retailer

Let’s make this happen

Contact Jaap Keus via and deliver your product range in a Sieval Deco (Excel) template. These can be downloaded below.

excel-icon_30x30 Excel document for importing your catalogue