Sieval Deco

Sieval Deco for suppliers of curtains and floors

Sieval Deco takes care of the digitisation of the entire order process in the interior industry. Sieval Deco calculates floors and sun blinds with your catalogue. This means that your product line is available and very easy to order for your relations and thousands of prospects. This can be done by the online software of Sieval Deco in the shop, but also by your own website with the help of our gateway. Sieval Deco sees to a faultless order of curtain or floor. After that, the order will be automatically forwarded to the (possible) workshop and to your ERP-system.

Sieval Deco is literally and figuratively the spider in the web of your order process.                                                                                                                                                                     

Sieval Deco expressed in numbers

No undefinable orders by phone, or costly mistakes that blur the relation with your customer. Your ‘costs of failure’ considerably go down.
According to numbers of our existing  customers  the loss of turnover as a result of mistakes decreases with an average of 95 % after the use of Sieval Deco. We also notice a significant increase in the number of orders and reduction of costs because of a raise of efficiency.
Reductionof failures (%) 95
Increase number of orders (%) 25
Raiseof efficiency (%) 65
Linkageconsuming market (%) 20
In 7 stappen uw eigen Sieval Deco versie

Own version or in version of your workshop

There are two possibilities to complement to Sieval Deco.

1) Your own version of Sieval Deco
If you choose for your own version of Sieval Deco, this will completely be adapted to your range, manufacturing methods and style of work. This can result in a complete synchronisation with  your workshop and own ERP system. You distribute this version with your customers, whereupon the order process will be processed completely digital.

2) Your range in the version of workshop(s)
We offer the possibility to place your catalogue in the workshop version of Sieval Deco. The users that place orders at your workshop(s) through Sieval Deco can consult your current range and order out of it.

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Sieval Deco Gateway

Sieval Deco offers you the possibility to also enlarge your turnover online.
The Sieval Deco Gateway enables you to link your webshop to Sieval Deco.

Your own product information, manufacturing methods, dealers, prices etc. will
be unlocked by Sieval Deco. The calculation logics, warnings and orders will be
mutually synchronised between the webshop and Sieval Deco.

Through our product photography and visualisation solutions your window
coverings and/or floors will be visualised online in your webshop. After all, one
image says more than a thousand words.

Why Sieval Deco

  • Professional software, developed by and with experts
  • Complete digitisation of your order process
  • Reduce mistakes by 95%
  • Increase of your turnover, by customer relations
  • Integration and synchronisation of your software
  • Your complete range available for your customers.

Remarks of our customers

We have been using Sieval Deco for years now with great satisfaction and in the past years we have seen it grow into the reference of curtain calculation software and curtain ordering software. We think that this way of working will be the future!