Sieval Deco

Sieval Deco

The interior expert is a creative all-rounder:  inform, advise, calculate, fix, and everything thereabout.  A beautiful profession in which a lot is changing. Fortunately not all those changes are threatening. Sieval Deco can bring a positive change. Below you can read which Sieval Deco solution can help you in our beautiful, but also often complicated job.

Sieval Deco is developed by and with the experts of all disciplines: with interior decorators, parqueteers, curtain professionals and many other experts. That’s why Sieval Deco is no automation software, but a digital professional tool!

How does it work

Sieval Deco is advanced ordering software that helps you as a retailer to make complicated calculations for window and floor decoration in an easy way. You inform your customer, discuss the possibilities and at that moment Sieval Deco comes in the picture. Step by step Sieval Deco leads you through the questions that need to be answered to turn your advice into a successful sale.

The order will then be automatically sent to the workshop and to the supplier of fabrics and/or floors.


Sieval Deco is free for you

For you as a retailer in the industry of window decoration and floors, Sieval Deco is free. You can be connected through your supplier(s). Please contact your supplier or leave your details via our contact form.

Waarom Sieval Deco

  • Professional software, developed by and with experts
  • Easy control with automatic warnings
  • Advanced calculations
  • Reduces mistakes by 95%
  • All materials and supplies are included in the calculation
  • Your complete range available for your customers

Remarks of our customers

Sieval Deco is a beautiful curtain program. In spite of the fact that I have been working in this line of business for quite some time now, and I have quite some experience in calculating curtains, I find that Sieval Deco a very valuable instrument: a really professional digital tool!
Pascal Dirkse, DMF Woondecoratie

Sieval Deco Retail

Sieval Deco Retail consists of two independent modules for your entire shop automation.


Sieval Deco Retail – Floor module

The floor module in Sieval Deco is a powerful sketching- and calculating program for all floor coverings. With this module you can easily sketch a room and provide it with material, whereafter Sieval Deco takes over the calculation. The floor module generates a breadth plan in which the residual material can be used as optimal as possible.

Sieval Deco calculates all appliances such as glue, primer, egalizer, plinths and every other tool. Creating a floor offer and making the order becomes a bagatelle with the help of Sieval Deco.

Sieval Deco Retail – Document module

Sieval Deco is standard delivered with the possibility to turn the calculations you have made into an offer. With the document module Sieval Deco is strongly amplified. The module enables you to provide your offers with extra articles and explaining texts.

The offer can be passed on to a confirmation of order to be invoiced next, of desired in partial invoices. Also the execution of the order can be supported by a measuring slip, a delivery slip, and  a work slip.