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Sieval Deco for Workshop

As a professional for curtains and sun protection you know that selling a curtain is more than a choice of colour style. Selection of material and method of production determine a great part of placing curtains and sun protection with success. Does the fabric have a large factor for shrinkage or stretching, does the fabric demand to be lined, has the type of fabric been taken into account when selecting the type of fold, and many more questions.

Therefore, your craftmanship is necessary on the shop floor: the salesman can now immediately apply your specific knowledge in his advices.

Complete statement of process of making of curtains

Many colleague workshops have already converted their curtain making knowledge in Sieval Deco into a real ‘curtain advising- and calculating machine’. This atelier version of Sieval Deco communicates directly with AtelierTotaal, through which both de retailer and the workshop have a constant picture of the entire curtain making process. From the digital order and the entry of the fabric until the shipment of the ready made curtain: with Sieval Deco everything is conveniently and professionally arranged.

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Linkage with AtelierTotaal

AtelierTotaal is web based software that provides the entire automation
of the workshop process, from the incoming roll until the invoicing.
This allows efficiency, accuracy and quality in the entire manufacturing process.
Less mistakes, less phonecalls, less questions, but more evidence and better information as a result.


Why Sieval Deco

  • Custom-made program for calculation and advice with your methods and know-how
  • Professional software written by and with professionals
  • Digitalisation: mistakes are reduced by 95%
  • Advancement of efficiency and speed
  • Complete insight in the curtain making process by workshop and retailer
  • Valuable management information about trends and market movements

What customers say

We believe that Sieval Deco is the leading program in the market to process curtain orders digitally.”
Sjoerd van der Lelie, Curtain workshop Van der Lelie
Sieval Deco

Adding catalogues

We offer your workshop the possibility to add the catalogue of your suppliers in your Sieval Deco version. The advantage is that it facilitates your retailers to place orders and you bind them to process all ready made curtain orders digitally.

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