decoloop® – WoonTotaal: for the input and processing of orders for ready made curtains and floors

With over 4000 shops decoloop® – WoonTotaal is the most important software in the industry of ready made curtains and floors.

Are you a supplier of fabrics or floors? Decoloop® – WoonTotaal releases your current range and information for your customers and sends orders to your ordering system. Decoloop® – WoonTotaal enlarges your sales activity in various lines of business and customer groups.

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Do you sell curtains and/or floors? You can easily calculate, sketch, invoice and order ready made curtains and floors at your supplier(s) and workshop(s), based on your own range.

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Do you work at a curtain workshop? Finally your knowledge is immediately and always available for your contacts. Decoloop® – WoonTotaal has processed your expertise in a very plain calculation- and ordering system.

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Decoloop® – WoonTotaal in short

Decoloop® – WoonTotaal is professional software for the calculation of curtains and floors.

The program is completely web based and can therefore be used 24/7 all over the world.

Decoloop® – WoonTotaal does not only calculate. The calculations of curtains and floors are also processed in accessible and functional orders. In this way the communication between interior experts (retailers), suppliers and workshops/upholsterers/parqueteers is optimal! Decoloop® – WoonTotaal is the connection between all professionals in the interior industry and can contribute to an increase of possibilities and chances as a result of better communication.

Rightly so, Decoloop® – WoonTotaal is used by many important curtain suppliers, floor suppliers and leading curtain workshops at home and abroad as the standard method for calculation and ordering…..

Decoloop® - WoonTotaal verbindt alle partijen in de interieurbranche
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Endless possibilities in the field of ready made curtains and floors

Decoloop® – WoonTotaal is powerful software with unique functionalities.

Decoloop® – WoonTotaal helps the user placing the order. Warning messages prevent orders to be placed that can not be carried out in practice. Decoloop® – WoonTotaal considers all supplies and costs of labour and production and automatically figures these in the order.

Decoloop® – WoonTotaal automatically sends the order from the retailer to the supplier, workshop, upholsterer and/or parqueteer. Through potential (and possible) integration with back office systems the entire order process will be digitalised.

With as a result: efficiency, cost reduction and customer satisfaction.

Decoloop® – WoonTotaal has a very advanced and complex algorithm for the calculation of materials. With a lot of dynamic variables (racking on various rooms, degrees of angles, surface areas, laying direction, type of material and dimension of material) Decoloop® – WoonTotaal can make a calculation to reach as little cutting loss and sawing loss as possible.

The advantages reiterated

  • Window decoration and floors to be calculated by everyone

  • Professional software developed by professionals

  • Probability of failure is reduced by 95%

  • Higher customer satisfaction because of efficiency and speed

  • Current assortment available in the calculation software

  • Professional offers, invoices and order-forms

  • Valuable management information available all over the world 24/7

  • Complete insight in the process by workshop and retailer

  • Fine communication with service men and upholsterers

  • Depth of know-how of several disciplines also available for new colleagues

You will have time for your profession again!

‘We started our company over one and a half year ago and we immersed ourselves in the current software possibilities in their interior industry. We find Decoloop® – WoonTotaal a convenient and a professional calculation program that makes it very easy to place orders at the curtain suppliers. It is a perfect addition to our existent software. In fact, all ready make curtains (and hopefully shortly also the floors) start with a calculation and Decoloop® – WoonTotaal is the base of almost any offer. It would be great if Decoloop® – WoonTotaal calculations could also be used in other systems in future!
– Maureen Zegers Decohome Goes

Decoloop® – WoonTotaal is a beautiful curtain program.In spite of the fact that I have been working in this line of business for quite some time now,and Ihave quite some experience in calculating curtains, I find Decoloop® – WoonTotaal
a very valuable instrument: a really professional digital tool
Pascal Dirkse, DMF Decoration
We have been using Decoloop® – WoonTotaal for years now with great satisfaction and in the past years we have seen it grow into the reference of curtain calculation software
and ordering software. We think that this way of working will be the future!
We believe that Decoloop® – WoonTotaal is the leading program in the market to process curtain orders digitally.
Sjoerd van der Lelie, Curtain workshop Van der Lelie